"Touching the essence of the honey comb"

for the Beehive lamp,

Marc de Groot used the fascinating structure of the honeycomb as a starting point.

The structure of the honeycomb, which Darwin in 1859 already designated absolutely perfect, appears to be a unique base for light.

It creates a new vision on the use of the honeycomb structure. This beautiful combination of form and function creates the Beehive natural light. It has a sophisticated balance in light and shade.

awards and nominations

Winner 3rd Price Design District 2015


Design District 2015


Ventura Lambrate Milano, London Design Festival, Design District, Object Rotterdam


BEEHIVE - ø 25 x 32 cm
BEEHIVE - ø 40 x 52 cm
BEEHIVE - ø 50 x 64 cm

Material Options

Brushed aluminium (unidirectional) 
Brushed brass (unidirectional)
Powder coated White
(different powder-coats available on request)


Marc de Groot

Beehive at work.JPG