"Inspired by the industry of Bomb-craft"

BOOOM! …explosive enlightment.

Explosive beauty, excitement and attraction, a combination of apparent contradictions.
BOOOM! is build up from an ingenious square based pattern folded together to a beautiful sphere. Inspired by the industry of Bomb-craft.

The turnaround of the switch ignites the Booom! light ...and it illuminates the room.


Design District 2014


Ventura Lambrate Milan, Design District, Design Junction London, Meesterlijk, Masters of LXRY


BOOOM!-10  ø 10 cm
BOOOM!-20  ø 20 cm
BOOOM!-32  ø 32 cm
BOOOM!-50  ø 50 cm

Material Options

Brushed aluminium (unidirectional) 
Brushed brass (unidirectional)
Powder coated White & BlackGold
(different powder-coats available on request)
24K Gold - LXRY Amsterdam Edition 2014


Marc de Groot